Bring your tumbler everyday,

we take care the rest

Saving our planet by reducing plastic waste can be started by a simple action: bring your tumbler. IZIFILL help you to provide clean and fresh water so your tumbler keep refilled without direct touch to the water station



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Life for The People and The Planet

At IZIFILL, we believe there is a better way to drink water. Water is a basic need for us, but the current water distribution system forced us to use a single used plastic bottle, that end up polluting our planet. More and more people care about this problem, but we don’t have a lot of choices, so we think that the new way to drink water is necessary.

We believe, with the support from all those who care, backed with technology, we can take part to create a solution that provides people with healthy and fresh water without polluting our planet through IZIFILL Water Station. Together with you, we believe we can make it happen.


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Fresh and Clean

Grab the natural freshness and the purity of the water direct to your tumbler


No Touch Refill


Access our water station through your phone and use your own tumbler, so you can keep your hand clean


Save the Planet

Get fresh water while still living side by side with our beloved planet


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Step 1 - PP Filter

removes dirty small particles and sedimentation such as sand, rust, and particle deposition

Step 2 - C1 Filter

stop chlorine and VOCs which is harmful to the body

Step 3 - RO Filter

eliminate heavy metals, microbiology, bacteria’s, and virus with 0.0005 microns membrane

Step 4 - C2 Filter

removes odors and stabilizes taste to get the best fresh water

No Touch Access

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No need to install apps, just scan QR on the water station, choose the size and temperature of water that you need, and you can get your water without direct touch.

By filling your tumbler through the IZIFILL water station, you can track how much bottle you saved to save our planet from plastic pollution.

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